5 Tips For A Central Coast Road Trip

Known for scenic drives, coastal and rural communities, natural history and more, the Central Coast is your perfect road trip.

Not sure where to begin? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with these 5 TIPS.

Tip #1:  Get Inspired.
Whether you’re driving north from Los Angeles or south from San Francisco (or somewhere in between), we have two Itineraries to help give you an overview of what each Central Coast region has to offer.
Note: You can begin your Central Coast road trip from just about anywhere in California. There are 6 adjacent major airports offering commercial service (San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Burbank, Long Beach, Los Angeles) and 6 regional airports (Monterey, San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria, Santa Barbara, Oxnard, Camarillo).

Tip #2: Be Informed.
Central Coast Visitors Maps are now available. You may download a digital map – or you may request a Map be mailed to you (limit one). This Map is larger than previous versions, yet still a manageable size perfect for your road trip. It includes a Time & Distance chart, locations of California Welcome Centers, airports, missions, Amtrak train stations, and National and State Parks.

Tip #3:  Know Before You Go.
Research the areas you plan on visiting for current information and travel policies. Each county will have its own travel notices and phases of re-opening. Wear a face covering, maintain proper physical distancing, leave any area that becomes crowded, and visit beaches and parks during non-peak hours. And remember to check road conditions and traffic.

Tip #4:  Slow Down.
We can’t say it enough. Take. Your. Time.  The Central Coast of California is comprised of seven counties and is roughly 13,000 square miles – just larger than the state of Maryland. If you’re thinking about visiting the entire Central Coast, we recommend allowing 1-3 weeks to do it all. Good news…the Central Coast is a year-round destination, offering relatively warm climate. Weather is mild throughout the winter with temps averaging 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit so you can visit any time. Dress in layers and wear comfortable shoes.

Tip #5:  Travel Responsibly.
We ask that you read and follow the California Responsible Travel Code, which is designed to ensure that the Golden State remains a beautiful and viable destination over the long haul.

March 2021

Start discovering all of California’s Central Coast here.


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