Fortino Winery was established in 1970 when Ernest and Marie Fortino purchased a vineyard that reminded them of their Italian homeland, but had been shuttered and was in dilapidated condition. Ernest was drawn to the vineyard because the surrounding land was highly reminiscent of his homeland, Calabria, Italy. The winery itself had been closed for roughly a decade when Ernest and Marie purchased it, and in those early years they worked day and night using Ernest’s knowledge of wine-making from his family’s ranch to turn it into a thriving business. In 1995 Ernest passed on the responsibilities of running the winery to his son, Gino, and daughter, Teri. Over the years the vineyards continue to produce some of the best wines in the area, and some of the vines are still dry-farmed to produce flavor-intense grapes. Visitors to the winery these days are likely to be greeted by 3rd generation family members. Gino’s son Nick is actively involved in making wine alongside Gino, while his son Kevin can be seen around the winery on weekend and special events helping out in the kitchen, or doing any number of details that keep things moving. Teri’s son Austin manages the Wine Club and helps out with customers in the tasting room, along with a myriad of other activities during events, both public and private. Each of these young men are an integral part of winery business, and will continue to make an impact on the family business in the decades to come.